iconwerk, custom icon system design for your next project. Using the latest technology to build future-proof systems that also speak to the heart.

Simple, clear, useful. Icons are the road signs for our daily rituals – the instantly recognizable symbols you press, click and toggle countless times a day when you interact with your computer, your phone, car or even your microwave.

Design of an adaptive icon system

that follows the design of the corporate typeface.

The new icon system for Skype 8 –

A complete re-design following Skype Classic.

Icons at Tiffany’s.

A new icon system with luxury and style.

More projects (Cisco, Braun, Samsung, airbnb, Squarespace, ABUS, Glen Dimplex coming very soon...

Just send an email. I’d love to join your design team for the next project to build great products together!


–Stefan Dziallas

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