A strong icon system for the leader in communication technology.

Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world. As the leader in 4G LTE with more than 98% coverage, Verizon is a strong player. This is reflected by the powerful appearance of the new icon system. With more than 500 icons (and counting), the new icon system quickly became a valuable corporate asset.

All icons are built on a grid with only 16x16 units. You can compare this to a game of Chess. You only have a limited number of rules but a billion different ways to play it. So a limitation in design options doesn’t automatically mean a limitation in variety. In opposite, it enables a strong family of icons!

Here are some explorations that show all the variations I made to find the best design for a single icon:

More work:

An icon system based on a super ellipse.

Sweden’s favorite marketplace.

Smallprint, etc.

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