iconwerk for kayak.com (booking.com).

KAYAK offers a variety of tools and features such as KAYAK Trips, Explore and Price Forecast and they are constantly evolving the KAYAK app, Facebook Messenger and Slack bots, Alexa skill and related A.I. innovations. The new icon system comes with a bold, modern and friendly voice. The icons work on many different UIs from mobile, in-app to the website and advertising.

Airplane icon.

This simple airplane icon derives from the technical shape of the Boeing 787. The simplification keeps the character of the airplane but allows the use at very small sizes. That’s the art of building an icon as a prime example: Follow the original shape, simplify, then add character.

Tweaking of the Airplane icon.

Here you see very minor tweaks to the position and the shape of the wing. Even though these tweaks are subtle, they affect the appearance of the final icon quite a lot!


The development of the Cruise Ship icons shows that the overly pronounced bulls eyes work best for the small icon.

Optical volume.

It’s also important to balance the optical volume of the icons across the complete family to maintain a unified look.

More work:

Smallprint, etc.

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